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Statutory and contractual audit engagements


Support and assistance engagements with respect to accounting, legal, payroll and tax compliance

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Securing and optimizing tax operations, group matters and transfer pricing, international mobility, support with audits and disputes with the French Tax Authority.

Human resources

Labour law advisory, employer rights and obligations, employement agreement (selection, set-up and drafting), monitoring of work absence and paid leaves, support with social institutions audits and disputes, advisory with respect to termination agreements.


Company set-up (business plan, forecasts, financing), advisory regarding the appropriate company type (branch, subsidiary) and legal form, administrative formalities and tailor-made support and assistance.

Statutory audit

Audit engagement of company and/or consolidated financial statements required by law, other assurance and non assurance engagements (opinion on interim financial statements, agreed-upon procedures, certificates, etc.).

Contractual audit

Tailor-made audit engagements (consultations on accounting matters, review of internal control framework and procedures, social and HR review, review of interim figures, etc.).

Due diligence

Buy-side and sell-side due diligence activities.

Other engagements

Other legally required reports (merger, contributions, company transformation, minimum equity, etc.).




Provision of (online) bookkeeping services, fixed assets management and registers, import of banking transactions, accounting organization and procedures, administrative formalities, maintainance of the corporate books and records.

Annual accounts

Set-up and review of financial statements, preparation of interim financial statements and forecasts.

Consolidation and reporting

Set-up of compiled and/or consolidated financial statements, support regarding French specific accounting laws and regulations, set-up and assistance on reporting packages.

Tax compliance

Preparation of corporate income tax and VAT returns as well as other tax filings (company car tax, local contribution tax, added-value tax, dividend tax, etc.), set-up and maintainance of the mandatory company audit file.

Payroll compliance

Preparation of salarys slips and related accounting entries, management tools for payrolling activities, preparation of social contributions declarations, support with audits and disputes with Government authorities.

Legal compliance

Preparation of Articles of Association, management of annual legal obligations (approval of annual accounts, management report, administrative formalities, etc.), assistance with extraordinary operations (merger, capital increase, modification of statutory seat, etc.).